Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring financial order into the lives of our clients. Beginning with strategic methods of planning, we integrate them with creative ideas formulated in over 30 years of practice management.

We understand that everyone's ultimate goal is to provide for a financially smooth ride through life finishing with a long carefree retirement. The path to retirement requires only three elements; Patience, Perseverance and a Financial Consultant who understands and relates to a client. Only when this accord is reached, we believe, will the journey become pleasant and fulfilling.

Once retirement presents itself, the real work begins. The new major goal is to ensure that clients will not out live their assets. By achieving this, it sets the stage for an inheritance to family and if appropriate, charitable benevolence.

Our goal is not just to build the premier financial consulting group in our eyes but more importantly, to become the premier firm in our client's eyes. Our success comes from client perception of how well we treat them and how close we come in helping them reach their objectives. We are passionate in this endeavor.